Welcome to our lovely Catalan port, gem of the Vermeille Coast!

Collioure is an azure pearl nestled between sea and mountains like no other.

Its majestic castle traces the time when the Kings of Mallorca made it their summer residence. Its bell tower, a former Moorish lighthouse, bathes its feet in the Mediterranean sea. Nestled on the Matisse hill, its oil mill defies time not far from the Dominican cloister.

You will stroll through its old colorful streets of the Mouré. Sardana notes are strung from roof to roof and the wind from the Eastern Pyrenees sings a beautiful melody to the wind from Spain that rocks our hearts. The walk along the Chemin du Fauvisme will take you back to the last century when Collioure was the homeland of the painters Matisse, Derain, Picasso, and many others who multiplied their palettes tenfold in this enchanting place.

You will be conquered by the beauty of the place and its many monuments. You will sip a Banyuls at sunset. You will go for a walk at the hermitage of Notre Dame de Consolation to cool off and drink water from its source. You will taste the bouls de Piculat and the escalibade, making your taste buds quiver.